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The average person is searched online 312 times per year and a good portion of what is found happens to be personal information or old photos. We help clients who want to make sure their business, music or modeling footprint is PROFOUND And Seen By Thousands Online And In Print. When someone searches your name and profile, they should find several excerpts from our magazine articles, social media posts and blogs written about you.

Search pages will also show new photos and images from several social media platforms. Personal and embarrasing information about you will be pushed to the next search page were it’s rarely ever seen.

There are no contracts to sign and you can choose which magazine to be featured in. You can purchase another interview every month in any of our magazines. Watch your Google score rise and your name become relevant via Google Search.


Up & Coming Package
$ 3 Per Day
  • 1 Page Magazine Article
  • 1,000 Social Media Views
  • 1/4 Page Magazine Ad


Making A Big Statement
$ 5 Per Day
  • 2 Page Magazine Article
  • 3,000 Social Media Views
  • 1/2 Page Magazine Ad


Complete PR Package
$ 8 Per Day
  • 4 Page Magazine Article
  • 10,000 Social Media Views
  • Full Page Magazines Ads

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