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Our Downloadable Swimsuit Issue Covers How to Rent A Mansion in Puerto Rico For Less Than A Hotel Room, Real Curves of 25 Beautiful Women Representing Puerto Rico, Start Your Own Clothing Line & Brand For Under $500, 2020 Trends That Will Change New York Forever.

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4 reviews for New York Style Magazine Swimsuit Issue

  1. Mario Philippe

    I actually bought this magazine to make fun of it but was actually surprised that someone mentioned West Puerto Rico and how it is the mecca for the rich and famous. I didn’t know about renting large villas for those prices in the area so that was a bonus.

  2. Michelle Kimbrough

    Ok, some of them have “real curves” but you can tell that these are models. For too long Puerto Rican women tried to become skinny. At least you showed a “few” that are proud to show off their true bodies.

  3. Not Skinny Benny

    I’m leaving off a ? because this zine is titled “New York Style” not PR Style.

  4. Todd DeBouis

    I thought PR was still damaged by hurricane Maria? Who’s going to the island now? I want to go but I don’t know.

    • Armand Lucas

      Todd, we actually checked out the island a year after Hurricane Maria and were impressed with how resilient Puerto Rico is. It was 80% intact and the trees were in full bloom. We had a great time! Also, we’ve talked to plenty of regular tourists recently and we found out about the Mansions and villas that have 4 or 5 bedrooms with a private pool for rent cheaper than the ritzy hotels. There is more we may cover in the future since there’s so much we are discovering about the island the more we explore.

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