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This Downloadable Issue Covers Real Estate Traps New Investors Should Avoid Like The Plague, Investment Apps That Bank & Double Your Money Like A Pro, Meet Johnny Ruiz, The Entrepreneur Who Eat What He Kills, 5 Celebrities That Can Run For President In 2024.


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4 reviews for Millennial Entrepreneur Magazine Investment Edition

  1. Jean Baptiste Michaels

    Stash is my second favorite investment app. It use to be my one and only app until I found Public. I see you didn’t mention it in the article but it’s the only app I found that shows you how your peers are investing and what trends they are following. I found that certain groups have the best insights when investing in certain stocks and I use them as a shortcut to investing on a regular basis.

  2. Charles Martinez

    That Johnny Ruiz story is a great read! So many of us struggle and come from nothing. Not only the financial struggles, but the mental battles. His story gives hope to everyone trying to chase their dreams. His YouTube channel GIVES AWAY great tips too! Amazing article ?

  3. Ana Gupte (verified owner)

    I did like the article on Mr Johnny Ruiz but I would like it if you explored more into investment apps. Are all the apps listed a bank as well or only a select few? Also, can I use these apps as a replacement of my bank account since they have debit and credit cards they can issue. What do you think?

    • nuwire (verified owner)

      Ana, there are a few millennials who have moved their assets completely over to these new forms of banking/investment apps. But we caution you and everyone else to not put all of their eggs in one basket. We will cover these apps some more in upcoming issues.

  4. Steve Marker

    Nice interview

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