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The Downloadable Fame Issue Covers Social Media Millionaires, How Much Does It Cost To Be Famous (Very Little Actually), How To Bootstrap Your Business Without Borrowing, Music Business Strategies For New Artist & Interviews.

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4 reviews for Millennial Entrepreneur Magazine

  1. Raza


  2. Steve Marker

    Who is the girl smoking the cigar on the cover?

  3. Guy Topher

    Artists do need to understand the business of art. They are missing out on better lively hood. Not knowing how much money you could make is worst than having no talent at all.

  4. Gin Runner

    Yes! I try to tell people this all the time! Borrow from yourself. Start a new business or fund your present business with your own funds. Yes, you maybe driving Uber for a couple of hours a week but you will get further quicker without worrying about money to pay back. Also, their is grant money out there to help you! Get in contact with a good grant writer (I’m not one so don’t ask). You can find them on apps like Upwork. The story of the guy who’s making and selling 200 bagels a day from his parent’s kitchen is crazy! Each gourmet bagel is $2.66 a piece. That’s $16,000 a month in sales!

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