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As a Brand Ambassador, your pictures, interviews and videos within RelyOnPros magazines, demonstrates to others why they may want to submit their photos and questionnaire to RelyOnPros.

"RelyOnPros ambassador program was created to support the people who inspire us. Our ambassadors are inspiring entrepreneurs, models, athletes and content creators, and anyone who benefits from our magazine PR service!"
Armand Lucas
Managing Director | Editor

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"My 2 page interview and photos were laid out beautifully in LA Model Magazine! All I did was fill out the automated interview and uploaded my photos and this masterpeice was created!"
Erika Figueroa
Model | Fitness Enthusiast

Your code  will give a new client 25% off any paid submission for a magazine placement within any of our magazines. You in return will make 30% on their purchase as compensation!

"Before the magazine was officially published, the online version helped me secure a $330k project. I received a call from another developer who read my interview and we bonded over similar experiences."
Steve Seppe
Real Estate Developer

Referral needed to receive 30% Commissions
commissions are paid on the 15th of every month via Zelle deposit

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