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Magazine Articles Elevate Your Brand

“Potential customers¬† and business partners will Google you before they make a purchase or invest in your brand or business. Once trust is established they will view you as an authority in your field.”

"I was able to build on the response of my magazine interview and create a business that teaches people how to invest."
Johnny Ruiz
Entrepreneur | Inverstor

The Average Person is Googled 7.5x Times!

Treat yourself as a brand, and as a brand you must have a social media and Google Search reach. We provide the Google Search Profile with our magazine articles and Interviews, allowing you to create your own news stories.

"My 2 page interview and photos were laid out beautifully in LA Model Magazine! All I did was fill out the automated interview and uploaded my photos and this masterpeice was created!"
Erika Figueroa
Model | Fitness Enthusiast

Our experienced staff writers will help craft interview questions and articles with keywords to create a magazine article that Google indexes immediately and help push down negative search results to the other pages. 

"Before the magazine was officially published, the online version helped me secure a $330k project. I received a call from another developer who read my interview and we bonded over similar experiences."
Steve Sepe
Real Estate Developer


Full Page
$ 397 1 Page Interview
  • Interview Questions Tailored To You
  • Full Page Interview With Image or Photo
  • Website/Social Media Link Included
  • Print Magazine Copy Included


$ 629 2 Page Spread
  • 2 Full Pages Of Any Of Our Magazines
  • Professional Writer & Illustrator Assigned
  • QR Code For Print Version Link
  • 5 Print Magazine Copies Included


4 Page Web & Print
$ 1329 4-Page Editorial
  • Front Magazine Cover Image*
  • Full Back Page Branding Included
  • Everything Included from Gold & Silver
  • 10 Print Magazine Copies Included